Saturday, February 20, 2010


By Julie Linker. (Actually there is no exclamation point in the title of the book, I just added it to look more impressive)

I absolutely adore Julie Linker's writing style in this witty, yet down-to-earth, and a bit too organic, fictional novel. The "journal style" writing that Linker exudes in this books is a lot of fun, creating a real-life world for the audience to jump into, both feet!

Basically, the book is about a 16 year old young woman, Presley Ashbury, a Pageant Queen, defining herself as a young woman over the course of a two week period, proceeding her big "Pageant Day."
Of course, there is a terrible and vicious villain, Megan Leighton, a tall, long-legged, dark haired, "freaky green eyed" task-oriented sixteen year old, who is absolutely determined to win the crown and defeat Presley.
And, to add to the "duh," affect (which is rather witty), there are two gorgeous young men involved (you've gotta love a book with handsome, masculine, buff, and "brotherly" young lads!! - lol). As every (smart, involved with teenagers, especially girls) knows, when two girls are involved, and two "hot" young men are involved (young men who the girls like) there is usually trouble brewing.
And, of course, the trouble brewing definitely gets mixed in with the whole Pageant affair.

Stunning insight into the minds, and world of our young ladies, in today's culture. It's right up there in my list with "The Body Project," as far as research in the realm of the adolescent female is concerned. It also has some, quite surprising, yet at the same time 'duh,' information regarding the whole pageant system.

**Spoiler??? Alert (as in, it spoils the innocence of the book)**
- The b-word is used to describe young woman, on more than one occasion. If b---- isn't used, then "slut," is. Name calling is, apparently, a national sport amongst our teenagers.
(And today, we'll be scoring on
a) creativity,
b) profanity
c) harshness
d) personalization... no offense... wait... if your offended, maybe you too should reconsider your use of your Mother Tongue.)
- Sexuality and intimacy with the boys/ young men is discussed.
- At the pageant the girls share a hotel room with one other girl. Think dorm rooms. It's pretty realistic (in Presley's case, who shares a room with Megan, rather traumatic, and graphic)
- I would basically rate the book a PG-13 for Language, sexual scenes, and some violence (fantasizing slapping someone/ killing someone, being slapped, etc.)
- Would be a sleazy book if it wasn't a) so darn funny, b) quite true to the dog-eats-dog life young woman grow up in, today.

I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in learning more about the adolescent female-teen, pageants or just need a good, light hearted, sappy, "brain candy," laugh :)


Laughing Lioness said...

Great review. I just might add this to my list of "must reads" this year.

Miss. Elisabethh said...

lol... :) You're more than welcome to borrow my library copy :)

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