Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink Nail Decals

I have recently, and quite mutually, been befriended by the seemingly only other young woman, who works in the same facility as I, who still wears make-up tastefully and femininely, paints her nails pink (not black nor red) and wears nail decals; isn't either thrilled, nor yet despising of her job and isn't boy crazed.


We have a lot in common on the surface, and are basically in similar places in life (again, we both know what we want to do/ be/ get in the end, but are in odd places, and aren't exactly certain how to get to that place. So we're both working; she as a manager in training and I as a part-timer)
Is it not strange how people sum up one another, based upon appearance? Maybe it's just something we as humans fall back on, by nature.
Interestingly, the people who I thought I wouldn't "schmooze" with, are those who have become quite the chums (again, mutually), and I count on them for help (and some of 'em are quite dependable for help). Maybe this is why we are chums; we help and verbalize appreciation for one another's work. Or, perhaps this is not so strange at all, but rather we as homo-sapiens, tend to take one another for granted.
Conviction is seeping through my thick skull, and the latter seems much more realistic than the former.

As I work I'm finding it's something I depend, quite strongly, on.
I can count on the same things day-after-day, generally, bringing some form of normality into my rather hectic, and "in the air" life... (this doesn't count this last Sunday when the power in the entire building went out for a half and hour-forty five minutes, or so... or the time that the fork-lift decided it needed a day off... or when we got four pallets of 400 boxes of baby wipes, when we haven't even gotten half-way done with the pallet they sent quite some time ago...)... Normality; consistency... The conversation with those chums at work is consistently skin-deep (pink-nail-decals)
Our normal is quite shallow.
(and I am so totally perfectly happy with this!!!)

No, I don't know these people on a deep level. There are a few times when "deep calls to deep," and conversation develops with some seemingly like-minded-type-of-humanity... But this consistency of the normal and relatively mundane is extremely comforting!
In fact, it's thoroughly enjoyable!
(Especially since I'm befriending another girl
who has long-
with-flowers-nails ;)

God richly bless and keep you,
My friend!!
Miss Elisabeth

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thinking.... Perhaps too much?

Why are young people (okay, older people too for that matter) so surprised when a young person responds to a "are you dating" question with, "No, I don't think I'm ready for that kind of relationship," with not only raised brows, but also the skeptical question of "are you lesbian?"

No, quite frankly, I'm not. I have no intentions of ever being so, either.

The root of my lack of a dating life is due to my Religious fanaticism.

When I was around ten or eleven years old, my older sister introduced me to a magazine called Brio, where they talked about purity, waiting for your future husband on the emotional and psychological level, and staying pure physically as well.
My friends, I was convicted. It seemed like a perfectly romantic story-line: Wait for my Future Husband (whoever he may be), staying perfectly content, and pure. A damsel, a Princess, if you will, awaiting her Prince Charming (although I dearly hope he has much more back bone and courage than any Disney Prince - yuck! And please, no dandies like Rapunzel's prince! I mean, seriously, he could of at least tried talking with the witch before going behind her back and bringing half-ruination to every one!!!!).
Sound romantic, huh?
Well it does to a ten year old... and thirteen year old... and sixteen year old...

As you hit young-adulthood, the whole "no more dating, just waiting," life style becomes much more strenuous. One absolutely must become intentionally proactive about remaining single and pure (of heart, mind and body) and cannot any longer go along remaining databley single any longer.

Okay, so this whole train of thought is probably a huge stretch of randomness for most of... okay all y'all!!
But it's all quite relative to my life right now, since one of the woman I work with joyfully informed me that there are "lookers" who have "noticed" me at work... After she stated all this (with an ear-to-ear-grin) she triumphantly stated "Isn't that exciting!!!" So, being the totally-not-overt-rather shy-introverted-"my dream super-hero-power-is disappearing" person that I am, my totally beat-red face said it all as I nodded dumbfoundedly.
Please bear in mind that a short conversation-like interaction took place between this woman and I previous this statement... And in all honesty, I wanted to yell after this person, "that's not quite the word I was looking for... terrifying might better explain my feelings right now! Not-ready! I'm just a baby! Too young..." Really, and honestly, anything besides "exciting," would have probably summed up the wave of emotions that overtook me... excitement was not one of them!

Sist'a, I am so just a baby!!!
Maybe Maria Von Trapp thought that "waiting a year, or two" (being eighteen or nineteen) was kind'a, sort'a around the time that one is ready to step out and begin the journey of seeking a spouse...
Ehem, excuse me, I totally beg to differ in this opinion! At least for me... No, I'm not at all ready for this kind of addition to my life... Or maybe it's just because life is... well... life? Hectic, crazy, unsettled, in-between, in-transition? Either way, I'm totally not ready for a romantic relationship, of any kind, really.
Mom and I were talking, and she was saying how dad felt the same when they were engaged even. We were laughing hysterically as I pointed out that he would have probably felt that way if they had waited until their forties to marry ( ;-D) And it struck me... Dang... I'm so my fathers daughter! Which may not be a bad thing after all... but, we aren't at the "after all" part of the story, so I wouldn't know!
I'm sorry, I really do think I'm beginning to babble. This happens when the clock strikes "Quarter of nine, and all 's well!"
God richly bless and keep y'all this week!
May you enjoy the rich and abundant blessings He holds for you,
and enjoy all the beauties of Spring/ Summer!!
Miss Elisabeth

Friday, May 14, 2010


As I was working today, it struck me how few people actually, actively, live out a good moral life style. Yes, moral by a Christian's standards are higher than for those of non-Christians (at least non-religious folks, some atheists, etc.), and I'm stating this very loosely, not at all inclusively. And I'm also defining Christian as someone who has committed their life, wholly, to God. No holds bars!
Yes there are some "good" people at work. But they are good until you reach about mid-depth on the personal level.
When it gets right down to it, to be honest, please excuse my language, they are pretty pissed off people. Deeply hurt people; Some people who are indifferent to humanity, if humanity isn't complying to their every whim. And some people are nice on the out side, but when it gets right down to the hard thing, the only people they have in mind to take care of is them self. Yuck!
I mean, I am so sorry if you are offended by that statement, but, honey, you seriously need to get an attitude adjustment!
Not that all the people, or none of the people, or whatever black or white statement you want to insert here, are this way. There are some really fantastic people gentlemen and women there too! They happen to, generally, be over the age of thirty, married, and have children of their own (the last two are especially important: married and committed, have children and deeply love them and care for them!)
A few people, not many, are just plain ol' disagreeable! Still, trying to be friendly, extending gratitude and being positive around them... it's so terribly hard sometimes!
One of the people that work there I desperately want to sit down and say, "Okay, hun! You've got fifteen minutes to come up with a good reason why you are so negative, grumpy and rude! (Good is defined as: my parents have died, my entire family has died, I have no one left, I have been abused/ neglected, seriously, I'm starving to death or watching my siblings starve to death - think third world country here).

The world owes you nothing!
You work your way through!
You work to earn your money!
Work hard and have good work ethic
and you'll reap the rewards!
I know you probably really didn't need to hear that, especially from someone so naive and young as I, but I feel OH SO MUCH better having said it ;)
I apologize for making myself sound holier than thou. Please, lemme back peddle. I had a horrible attitude on Wednesday. Irritation was a better acquaintance that anyone from work. Irritability and some offense.
Bad, bad, bad!
To be honest, I was throwing a hissy-fit/ temper tantrum for myself. Poor me, there is only one other Christian in the area I work. HAH!
People in the world have much bigger issues that Miss Elisabeth not finding a kindred spirit *laughs*
Like, worrying about how you will be persecuted for simply being a Christian! Let alone the paranoia that must accompany some people in some countries, when meeting another "Christian" (are they really?!)
But I'm sorry... this post seems half finished... my thoughts are still turning in my head, hurting my head really, and my eyes are so tired!
But God richly bless and keep you, my brothers and sisters! May His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you! May He lift His countenance upon you and give you peace! The Lord God guide, protect, heal and deliver you, and give you the desires of your heart.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drinking From My Saucer

I was wanting to complain today. Complain about all the "hard work I've done." "All the hard work I did." And sometimes how, "Oh! I had to do it alone..."
A friend posted this on her blog on Facebook, and this, instead, I will now pray!

Drinking From My Saucer
By John Paul Moore

I've never made a fortune and
And it's probably too late now.
But I don't worry about that much,
I'm happy anyhow.

And as I go along life's way,
I'm reaping better than I sowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.
I don't have a lot of riches,
And sometimes the going's tough.
But I've got loved ones around me,
And that makes me rich enough.
I thank God for his blessings,
And the mercies He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

I remember times when things went wrong,
My faith wore somewhat thin.
But all at once the dark clouds broke,
And the sun peeped through again.

So God, help me not to gripe about
The tough rows that I've hoed.
I'm drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage,
When the way grows steep and rough.
I'll not ask for other blessings,
I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy,
To help others bear their loads.
Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer,
'Cause my cup has overflowed.

God richly bless and keep you,
May He guide you and protect you,
Showing you, bringing you, Divine appointments,
Giving you opportunities to help others bear their loads,
Revealing to you those opportunities which us, as humans, commonly miss,
to reach out and touch the life of another human being, another creation of the Almighty!

Miss Elisabeth

Thoughts 101

Mission, Faith-Believing Christian:
  • and TEACHING (2nd Timothy 4:2)

Mission, Citizen of the United States:

  • for TRUTH

Mission, Employee:

  • DO IT!

Mission, Warrior:

  • PRAY

Mission, Sister:

  • HOLD SELF TO THE HIGHEST STANDARD (the best I can, in all that I do)
  • WHO DO I WANT THEM TO BE LIKE (ultimately, Christ!)

Missions, Daughter:

  • DO IT!
  • PRAY!

Mission, Final thoughts:

  • FIGHT!
  • WIN!

Blessings upon you,

in the name of the One who has called us,

who has set us apart.

Miss Elisabeth

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Plans vs. God's

The day at work had gone really well. I was being chummy, funny, conversant, and overall having fun!

But, then, as I was walking into the freight room to put away some wrapping stuff, one of the guys was talking about me with another one of the guys. The first guy was stating, quite confidently, that I liked this other guy.
My first reaction was shock, stopping in my tracks. I wanted to burn a whole in the dude! Who in the world does he think he is? He doesn't even know me!! I do not like any guy at this time in my life! I'm very happy being single, and am rather content in my singleness (God is good!!!).
I do know that I'm called to get married and have a family, eventually. But I am so not ready for this in life! Waiting seems like a very good idea to me right now :)

Anyhow, in my shear shock, which rapidly turned into a... ticked off-ness, putting away the packing stuff and marching back out was all I could do to keep from burning a non-literal-hole in the guys' back, with my eyes (yes, apparently, at least according to my younger brother, I do have laser eyes when I'm mad [not angry though])
I don't think I would have minded, so much, if I knew the guys were also Christian's, but thus far my doubts are trumping any hopes of such things.
The feelings I felt following anger were, strangely, that of being degraded. My worth trampled. My person hood depleted as something to talk about, not someone to talk with, in these dudes' minds. This is a rather disgusting feeling!
Sandra Huxtable's line came to my younger brothers' (same one who says I have lasers for eyes) lips:

"You men!"

(Except, I would totally erase the whole "man" thing and replace it with, "guy!")

Now, does this have an actual affect on who I am in Christ?
Not unless I give it a foothold in that door, which I will not!
I've taken to wearing a clay cross with wire twisted around it, on a leather cord, and a pearl on a gold and silver chain, whenever I leave the house any more.
The cross reminds me, personally, that I am nothing more than clay to God - dust particles with His life (water), creating clay, which He will mold into the shape He desires, if I give Him control.
The wire reminds me that in His strong, firm grip, I am safe (attaching the cross to the leather cord), and the cord: 3-strands are not easily broken (God, me and the Holy Spirit - of course Christ, but I talk with God as my Father, and the Holy Spirit is she who gives me wisdom, as stated in Scripture)

The pearl on the silver and gold cord is not as unique, but still personal:

I am HIS pearl of great price!
Being purified, as gold,
and as beautiful as silver...

I suppose another reason why the dudes' words, at work, bugged me so, was that they were based upon my physique (as the past two, "are you dating," questions are). Nothing personal. Not like any one could no, nor would they ask. It's not at all personal, and a rather judgemental statement.
As I'm working, I try so very hard to have the mentality that "in all I do, do it for Christ." Who knows! Maybe I've even entertained an angel or two?
But that simple, short phrase, that verbalization of an idea that had no founding, gave way to doubts in my own head: has everything I've been praying about, striving for in Christ, praying God would be who they see, and I would simply vanish into the decor of pet 'n grocery... Has this all be in vain? Do they see nothing more than a girl? Someone who blushes, maybe too easily, is obnoxiously silent in her job, and works like a fiend?

If so, I might just melt into a puddle of nothingness
and vanish into the void of life!!!

God is good all the time! As I'm sitting at the computer, on Face Book no less, sinking into the most pitiful pits of my interior self (quite narcissistic-ly I might add), a dear sister in Christ replied to a comment I made.
She said something beautiful, bringing new life, meaning and genuine-ity to my pearl necklace.

"Too many people float through life
glazed over,
plugging away, drives me nuts.
You're in there, connected, present,
lovin' life.
And God loves that about you!!!
He can use that to touch others.
(You can totally see that kind of light in someone)"

So maybe I'm just totally a dumb, emotionally-oriented girl, but this really struck me as, "Oh! Maybe that's what they are seeing, maybe!!! Maybe I haven't totally screwed up God's plan, and He really is using me, maybe!"
Maybe, maybe, there is, somehow, something God is doing, despite me, possibly even through me!! OOooh, I do hope so! I hope I can keep myself out of the way enough for HIM to work and I

"Disappear... without a trace!"

God richly bless and keep you,
As you too strive to vanish into His creation,
Allowing Him all the glory, allotting Him all that is (for He created it)
And stepping aside so "His will be done! On earth as it is done in Heaven!"
Amen and amen,

Miss Elisabeth

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts for the Day... Sunday, =)

Well this morning I went to church with my family; had a wonderful time of Praise and Worship, and felt thoroughly rejuvenated and filled up by The Lord.
Went to work, and, apparently, that "glow" personified itself in a "perkiness," which I was totally unaware of!
One of the guys I worked with commented on me being "perky this morning," and then asked me why :)

Opportunity #1: Got to share that it was church and family together that made my day (on a deeper level, God!)

Saw my manager, and handed her a lovely box of stuff for her Painting department. Smiling, she said thanks....

Opportunity #2: Special, personal delivery of items that do not belong in the Pet and Grocery Department (yes, this does include all painting, gardening, hardware and lumber supplies).... Sub opportunity: Got to wish my manager a Happy Mothers day, which she thoroughly appreciated, and beamed for the next forty-five minutes :-)

Took my lunch/ dinner/ 1/2 hr. required break for food, sat down, and really fought sleep :-P
Was in the break room with one of the gentleman I know from Hardware, but he was reading the news paper. After he left, I was thoroughly alone! I twas wonderful!!!
The Bible verse that was read for church today kept pounding in between the two sides of my head and I had to find it and read it over.... and over... and over... and over... and over again...

Opportunity #3: 'Twas able to read the Bible at work!! This lead to me writing the entire verse down a couple of times and sticking one copy in my back pocket... Sub-opportunity: Had a piece of the Bible to read to myself whenever I wanted to throughout the rest of the day...

After break I accidentally broke a bag of something, and it needed tape. Walked up to my department desk, retrieved the tape, and was asked by one of my co-workers "What have you done?!" After telling him that I did break it, and that I now was fixing it, he order that I owe him twenty bucks (a number following me all stinking day *laughs*).... I considered the options before me:
a) comply and mock-hand him money
b) do the whole "oh, c'mon," stupid-not-any-fun-boring-too-common-response
c) Be a total rebel and do the unexpected...
Feeling highly, *ehem*, "perky," from reading my Bible and stuffing some in my pocket, my mouth broke loose into a smile and took over... A grin, really. That dark, oh look, ha ha, I will now make you suffer, kind of grin...
I mock-spat in his hand.
The dude grimaced and wiped his hand on his shirt!!! *laughs hysterically*

Opportunity #4: Used the situation to " my advantage; grabbed the opportunity to have the upper hand and covertly expressed my conviction that I owe no man nothing, at this time in life.

I am solely Gods'!!

The lovely, adventuresome-day, in little but meaningful ways mind you, ended beautifully. Dad had to take some notes over to the office and I had the opportunity to drive with him. Was wonderful :)

Opportunity #5: Daddy time! Can't beat that ;)
Dad was gonna put on a Hebrew-language CD, but I asked him if we could talk instead. There are many questions I have about humanity and how humans function and work...

Opportunity #6: Asked my siege father for advice, information and his opinion on the relationships and people-types at work. This was very much well worth the getting-out-there and asking!

And now, my dear friend, I am going to say goodnight! Sleep well!! Sleep dreams :)
See you in the morning!
Enjoy the sun-rise, sleep deeply, knowing that, God has inscribed you on the palms of His hands...

Opportunity #7: Passing the blessing along!


God Richly Bless and Keep you!
Miss Elisabeth

Opportunity #8: You have many opportunities in your mundane-day-to-day-life. What are they? Are you going to shove your foot in the door and fling it open, or let it slam shut?
You can change the world: One step at a time. (whether this be one aisle at a time, one customer at a time, one prayer at a time, or one meal at a time, or one diaper at a time

Just keep swimming ;)

"Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands;
your walls are continually before Me.
Your builders hurry;
your destroyers and devastators
will depart from you.
Isaiah 49:16-18 NIV

Monday, May 3, 2010

Humph!... And... *sigh*.... Really?

(For the purpose of this writing, the terms, "pastor," "preacher," "leader," "evangelist," "fisher of men," and "disciple," will all be separated into different meanings.
Being a
Pastor - a person who has a personal and emotional connection and investment with you, as someone they care about, care for, and love genuinely. They know who you are and are personally invested in your spirituality and emotional/ spiritual state of being.
Preacher- a man, or woman, who speaks publicly in the church at the pulpit on Sundays (these types of humans are much more common than pastors)
Leader- a person who carries a certain amount of charisma, which attracts others to them. People naturally flock to these people to be directed for a common vision and goal. These people have a clear direction, vision, mission, commission, calling and goal for their life: their lives are this vision.
Evangelist- a person, man or woman, who's main mission in life is to spread the gospel to the far reaches (and close knit) of the earth. They see their job in life as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those they come into contact with, in a formal way (public speaking, preaching, etc.)
Fisher of Men- these people are a certain type of evangelist, but less formal. Their main form of reaching the earth is through their life style, choices and how they live. In the seemingly mundane ways they shine the light of Jesus Christ.)

The whole doctrinal argument about Science vs. (or and God) has been hammering at my mind lately. Well, this is not entirely true. I do have some vague idea of why I am stuck thinking about the scientific factual evidence of God (despite the very fact that Science cannot prove anything).
Now, please don't get me wrong. This is not necessarily a questioning of the my faith (God does in fact exists; Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God did die on the cross and resurrected himself on the third day after his death; there is no way to the Father (God) except through the Son (Jesus) - this I believe), but rather a questioning and digging deeper into my faith; begging the question. Thinking the harder to think "I don't wanna 'cause my brain will hurt" thoughts. I am reading a book based around the arguments of C.S. Lewis, David Hume and Bertrand Russell, which has thoroughly captured my interest.
The ideas surrounding a non-believers conviction that there cannot be a higher Deity (a. the world is evil, b. there are two Deity's pulling against each other, c. the Deity is quite despondent and non-interested in the human condition), has thoroughly captivated my mind, and for the time being, my heart.

What is the basis behind these accusations?
Do these people have a faith in something?
What do these humans believe?

All three of these men are obviously deeply intellectual, have spent a great deal of time and thought in their convictions and beliefs, and, for the most part, they had to sacrifice something for their beliefs making them that much more believable.
As I read, I find one of my frustrations with the church surfacing: our "pastors," or more appropriately titled "preachers," do not answer the hard questions. The most common answer to the hardest of life's questions, I have seen, felt, heard, and been told myself, are:

"You just need to have faith,"
"Get over it,"
"it could have been worse,"
"at least x didn't happen,"
"it'll be OK in the end."

Ummm... can you please excuse me while I go gag...

*gag, gag, gag* *choke* *cough* *cough* *cough* *gag*

As I am thoroughly fed up, sick of, tired and worn out from, jaded because of, horrified by and embarrassed by my personal incapability to answer some of these hard questions, I happen to have set upon a personal mission to find out why in the world certain things happen, how they happen, and what Christians are called to do besides "stand by, pray, fast and read the Bible."
Alrighty, so perhaps you have picked up on the fact, over various writings, that I'm more of a "DO!" type of person. I cannot stand standing around twiddling my thumbs. If I am ever imprisoned in some small 6x6 (4x4) ft space, you can be certain that I will have a) learned another language b) written a voluminous novel, c) created a new language complete with diphthongs, feminine, masculine and neuter case endings, d) finally mastered higher math to the point of brilliancy e) gone completely and hysterically insane.
Because of this detesting for the simple, easy, basic and nauseatingly heartless.... er... normal answers to the world, I started reading 'God and the Reach of Reason,' by Erik J. Wielenberg, as well as "Dark Night of the Soul," by Thomas Moore.

This morning, pouring over Wielenberg's book, I began feeling highly frustrated, rather agitated and thoroughly malcontent. My mind began running over the various reasons that people don't believe in a Deity (brought to the table by 'God and the Reach of Reason.')

Why can't people simply be quieted with the answer, "you just need enough faith?"

Struck by the stupidity of the question, my mom's constant reminder to my siblings came to mind, "God gave you a brain! You were made to use it!"

So, my question is now,

Is it more displeasing to God for you to actually seek the Truth with all your might, asking the hard questions, begging the question, giving the question the benefit of the doubt,


to not question at all and simply stuff yourself with the negligent answer of "just have faith."

(Yes, I do believe there are many things in life that don't have an answer. Human beings, by design, seem to be cravers of answers. There will be many, many things in life which will never produce an answer; at least, not until we reach the other side of Heaven. And I do believe there is a time and season to "just have faith," but I am also thoroughly convicted that "simply having faith," and doing nothing, seeking nothing, and thinking through nothing is not only slothful, but even spitting in the face of the God who created you to think!)

God richly bless you and keep you,

Miss Elisabeth

Warmth for Winter

* Burnt-orange nail polish
*feather-down, fleece-lined blanket
*Hot "English Breakfast" tea, if a tsp. of whipped honey
*Pictures of tropical islands
*knitted scarf
*An adorable puppy to sit on your lap
*blazing fire
* Basic Message Oil
6 tsp. carrier oil of your choice
8 srops of essential/ fragerance oil of your choice
Blend the two together, well. Warm up the oil before using - make sure to message between your fingers and your cuticals.
.... any questions?