Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tomorrow Today

Can you Hear Them Crying? Can you hear us crying? Can you hear me crying? "And there was the moon, as big as anything!
I saw your face, poppa...
did you see mine?
I miss you, I want to come home soon..." Dance with me! Learn to laugh, to play,
To be a child again!

"I am no longer a child, I have learned hatred!
Now, I am already and adult.
I have known fear."
A group of nine home schoolers (myself included) will be performing a heart-wrenching, tear-jerker tragedy titled "Can you Hear Them Crying?" next Saturday.
The half hour drama is about the children's lives in one of World War II's ghetto's, Theresienstadt. Throughout the drama poems are recited, which the children of Terezin wrote while in the ghetto.
Three "butterflies" grace the stage, as a theme, throughout the entire performance, representing what childhood was for these children and what it should be - happy, vibrant zoe. During this time in history, however, life was quite the opposite. Dark, oppressive, fear filled, depressing, surreal, and in the twilight zone these children somehow lived their lives... only to die.
On a happier note:)
Tomorrow mom and I head on a great adventure - just "looking" at (adorable) puppies. The purpose of this expedition is so see the personalities and character of the puppies (which are Aussies) as well as the mothers personality and character.
I'm actually quite nervous. It's a huge responsibility, and I know that I will inevitably mess up as far as the puppy is concerned (whether that be training, socialization or the like). However, because of my perfectionistic personality, I really don't want to!
I truly desire a puppy- desire to get one and raise one, train one, and have a dog with me for the next decade or so of my life. But I know with anything "great" in life comes serious responsibility, and I want to be responsible to the best of my capabilities. If that means not investing in another dog right now, so be it. I will know when I meet the puppies whether or not I will be able to do right by my family, myself and the puppy when I see their personalities, character and observe this particular breeds needs.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poetry, Poetry, What a Wonderous Hobby!!

After sharing this poem with mom (which I got from The Grammer of Poetry book by Matt Whitling, which we are doing for school) she laughed so hard I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share it!!

Carmen Possum
Writting by: Matt Whitling (I think)

The nox was lit by lux iof Luna,
And 'twas a nox most opportuna
To catch a possum or a coona;
For nix was scattered o'er this mundus,
A shallow nix, et non pfrofundus.
On sic a nox with canis unus,
Two boys went out to hunt for coonus.
The corpus of this bonus canis
Was full as long as octo span is,
But brevior legs had canis never
Quam had hic dog; et bonus clever,
Some used to say, in stultum jocum
Quod a field was too small locum
For sic a dog to make a turnus
Circum self from stem to sternus.
Unis canis, duo puer,
Nunquam braver; nunquam truer,
Quam hoc trio nunquam fuit,
If there was I never knew it.
This bonus dog had one bad habit,
Amabat much to tree a rabbit,
Amabat plus to chase a rattus,
Amabat bene tree a cattus.
But on this nixy moonlight night
This old canid did just right.
Nunquam treed a starving rattus,
Nunquam chased a starving cattus.
But sucurrit on, intentus
On the track and on the scentus,
Till he trees a possum strongum,
In a hollow trunkum longum.
Loud he barked in horrid bellum,
Seemed on terra vehit pellum.
Quickly ran the duo puer
Mors of possum to secure.
Quam venerit, one began
To chop away like quisque man.
Soon the axe went through the truncum
Soon he hit it all kerchunkum;
Combat deepens, on ye braves!
Canis, pueri et staves;
as his powers non longius tarry,
Possum potest, non pugnare.
On the nix his corpus lieth.
Down to Hades spirit flieth,
Joyful pueri, canis bonus,
Think him dead as any stonus.
Now they seek heir pater's domo,
Feeling proud as any homo,
Knowing, certe, they will blossom
Into heroes, when with possum
They arrive, narrabunt story,
Lenus blood et plenior glory.
Pompey, David, Samson, Caesar,
Cyrus, Black Hawk, Shalmanezer!
Tell me where est now the gloria,
Where the honors of victoria?
Nunc a domum narrent story,
Plenus sanguine, tragic, gory.
Pater praiseth, likewise mater,
Wonders greatly younger frater.
Possum leave they on mundus,
Go themselves to sleep profundus,
Somniut possums slain in battle,
Strong as ursae, large as cattle.
When nox gives way to lux of morning,
Albam terram much adorning,
Up they jump to see the varmen,
Of the which this is the carmen.
Lo! possum est resurrectum!
Ecce pueri dejectum,
Ne relinquit track behind him,
Et the pueri never find him.
Cruel possum! bestia vilest,
How the pueros thou beguilest!
Pueri think non plus of Caesar,
Go ad Orcum, Shalmanezer,
Take your laurels, cum the honor,
Since ista possum is a goner!
I think I can safely say that the relationship between Canus and rodentus is equivilent to the homo relationship with goodus and evilest (I made the latter two words up... ;), except that in the end good wins, and evil is conquered! My big theological thought for the day *laughs*
Hope you enjoyed it!
Oh, BTW this is a mix of Latin words and our modern American tognue :) I don't know all of the latin in here, but it's fun to look up!!!

I Just Didn't Realize before....

That a major con of living out in the country is that nobody hardly ever visits! Why should they? Town is 30 miles away.
We live in a highly rural area. Our nearest neighbor is a half a mile away (for some people, that's close relatively speaking:). Our closest neighbor less than 1/2 mile away is the cows (during the Spring-Fall), but more often than not Coyotes and Hawks.
For the second time this month we have planned a get-together with a friend (where the friend drives thirty miles to our house). And, again, the friend doesn't end up coming. The roads are possibly horrid. It's a long, cold, desolate drive that few people dare to make.
When will we have a guest again?
For the second time this month we have cleaned the house (so much it's almost hard to stand). We have tried to look nice for our guests (as home schoolers this simply means trying to look less geeky *laughs*). Of course, a no show.
I'm sure there is a very good reason for this, however this makes for another highly disappointing day of the same old jobs, school, drama practice, more school, some more jobs, eating, cleaning the kitchen and then going to bed.
But I suppose this is life and one must grin and bear it!

Drama, here we come!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On A Different Note

Sweet Sun-Set
Sweet Sun-set and Window Sage
The glare is horrid on this last one!! Sorry -

The weather has been absolutely spectacular! But not quite spectacular enough to lessen the craving for the intoxicating scents of Spring flowers.

I couldn't help myself - something must be done!! The result of this beautiful weather and obsession I have with the great, wild, flowery outdoors were these two pictures.


Perhaps Not Yet

Perhaps I have been just a wee bit too eager to get another four legged friend.

After some more research on this particular breed Kahlua is, I am thinking that it is perhaps not the right breed for this time in life. However, I am still planning on visiting the puppy and her siblings within the next week - I do hope a time works out.

The dog I have drooled over my key board for is a Papillon. This spunky little toy dog was originialy found in the French Courts as a companion. Breeding standards say that a true Papillon weighs no more than ten pounds. I have found, however, that there are many papillons between 12-16 pounds. It is true that this dog is rather small (as I stated earlier a "toy" breed), but it is also very much a companion dog, loving it's owner and desiring to please. House breaking can be a little more difficult, as I have read it sometimes can be with smaller dogs though.

Alas, I have found no papillon puppy for what I can afford or in our area at the moment. Perhaps, yes perhaps I will either have to wait a little longer for this specific furry friend or "settle" for another breed. Or perhaps I will find that Kahula or one of her siblings is definitaly the puppy I want to be bringing into our home at this time in life.

Whatever the case, I'm so happy we have our Akita, Diamond (now ten) and am thoroughly excited to have the opportunities to learn more about canines!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fuzzy, Soft, Warm

Fuzzy, and soft; warm sticky kisses; and black wet noses!
What is not desirable about a puppy?

Okay, besides the loss of beloved, now chewed up house hold items, soiled carpets, puppy "spit"- up, fur all over everything and a bottle of energy waiting to erupt!!!

But isn't all that just so endearing? (save the lavatory-carpets and barf) But who honestly doesn't love a baby?

After years of trying to persuade the core of my parents being into adding an additional canine to our large clan, both parents (yes even mom who is not the biggest animal fan out there) have finally consented!!!

One may ask how in the world I plan on keeping a puppy healthy and happy when I am attending full time beauty school?

The incredible answers are:
I will be getting up very early, not starting school until early to mid Summer (a possibility is waiting until Fall, if needed), taking weekends off and asking my wonderful siblings to help me out when I need it)

The new addition is an adorable female, currently named Kahlua. (I think she'll recieve a new one though)

My youngest two siblings are now obsessed with our dog breeds and training books (which we have had for years, and have never until now seemed to be at all interested in J)

However, excitement will soon wear off, like rain runs off a tin roof, once everyone sees that this angelic looking baby is really truly just like every other dog when it makes it’s first mess on the carpet, or chews up someone’s left out toy. Although, hopefully, this will not occur too often, as I plan on crate training the pooch.

Already people have given the non-approving, questioning eye when we reveal our plan to add another member to our family - this adorable little bundle of energy. However with consistency, gentleness, strong affirming leadership, and the proper tools, I think we can pull this one off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Though our decision has been announce to few people, or rather my decision, I think it is somewhat safe to say that I, the author of this blog, have finally decided on a career.
The trade of finding, discovering and seeking out beauty in everyone you meet - in this case the practice of enhancing one's physical beauty

Upon hearing of my decision, many - of the few people I have told - have responded with some sort of negative response to my decision, which always followed an argument about all the negatives of my choice in trade.

I've heard about every excuse why not to go into the cosmetologist arena known to man.
"Those are blue collard people who can't get any better job..." "They're the cheerleaders of the bunch, making their rounds with the guys!...." "All beauticians / cosmetologists care about is how they look - their vain, stuffy, and believe in using lots of chemicals..."
The most surprising reason why "not" to take advantage of a fifteen month program that one can use immediately after completing was
"Oh you don't want to do that!!!" - The forever gift of mind reading that so many woman honestly believe they posses has come back to haunt me!

Although some of this are legitimate (but mostly not) my dads concerns perhaps hit closer to home, as far as my own concerns as well.
The temptation of getting a "tat" (tattoo). Piercing myself so much I weigh about twice as much as a normal young adult should; and leaning more towards the materialism and sexuality - not that the latter is wrong, it isn't, so long as it's kept sacred between you and your spouse - that posses today's trendy modern culture.

Dads ultimate concern was / is that the faith I have given to Jesus Christ would be lost.
This is also a concern of mine.

I deeply honor, respect, and love my dad. I don't want to, ever bring him cause to worry about my walk with God.
However, a mental decision that's already taken precedence though. And I'm pushing forward. I'll do the best I can.

Mom suggested I write out a contract with myself regarding beauty school.
The list so far is as follows

Do not...
1) Get any tattoos
2) Get any more piercings
I will...
3) Not become less modest, or more sexually appealing in my dress
4) Continue to be, and learn to become more teachable
5) Be understanding, teachable, respectful and honoring to my parents as they hold me accountable as their sister in Christ, and continue teaching me as their daughter
6) Grow more deeply in the knowledge of Jesus and my God - Yhwh

Honestly, I don't want to come out o school as so many of the young Christians like me do - lack of believe and faith, pierced or tattooed, partiers, sexually and sensually tuned, (and my personal less than g rated comment) not virgins. And yes, I am an absolute suck-er for those really sappy, "I waited to kiss until I was married" amazing stories :-)

Perhaps as I take these first steps unto learning this trade, I'll become more of the woman God intended me to be - seeking holy, righteous, Truth-filled, pure beauty, which He created.

Warmth for Winter

* Burnt-orange nail polish
*feather-down, fleece-lined blanket
*Hot "English Breakfast" tea, if a tsp. of whipped honey
*Pictures of tropical islands
*knitted scarf
*An adorable puppy to sit on your lap
*blazing fire
* Basic Message Oil
6 tsp. carrier oil of your choice
8 srops of essential/ fragerance oil of your choice
Blend the two together, well. Warm up the oil before using - make sure to message between your fingers and your cuticals.
.... any questions?