Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tomorrow Today

Can you Hear Them Crying? Can you hear us crying? Can you hear me crying? "And there was the moon, as big as anything!
I saw your face, poppa...
did you see mine?
I miss you, I want to come home soon..." Dance with me! Learn to laugh, to play,
To be a child again!

"I am no longer a child, I have learned hatred!
Now, I am already and adult.
I have known fear."
A group of nine home schoolers (myself included) will be performing a heart-wrenching, tear-jerker tragedy titled "Can you Hear Them Crying?" next Saturday.
The half hour drama is about the children's lives in one of World War II's ghetto's, Theresienstadt. Throughout the drama poems are recited, which the children of Terezin wrote while in the ghetto.
Three "butterflies" grace the stage, as a theme, throughout the entire performance, representing what childhood was for these children and what it should be - happy, vibrant zoe. During this time in history, however, life was quite the opposite. Dark, oppressive, fear filled, depressing, surreal, and in the twilight zone these children somehow lived their lives... only to die.
On a happier note:)
Tomorrow mom and I head on a great adventure - just "looking" at (adorable) puppies. The purpose of this expedition is so see the personalities and character of the puppies (which are Aussies) as well as the mothers personality and character.
I'm actually quite nervous. It's a huge responsibility, and I know that I will inevitably mess up as far as the puppy is concerned (whether that be training, socialization or the like). However, because of my perfectionistic personality, I really don't want to!
I truly desire a puppy- desire to get one and raise one, train one, and have a dog with me for the next decade or so of my life. But I know with anything "great" in life comes serious responsibility, and I want to be responsible to the best of my capabilities. If that means not investing in another dog right now, so be it. I will know when I meet the puppies whether or not I will be able to do right by my family, myself and the puppy when I see their personalities, character and observe this particular breeds needs.

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Warmth for Winter

* Burnt-orange nail polish
*feather-down, fleece-lined blanket
*Hot "English Breakfast" tea, if a tsp. of whipped honey
*Pictures of tropical islands
*knitted scarf
*An adorable puppy to sit on your lap
*blazing fire
* Basic Message Oil
6 tsp. carrier oil of your choice
8 srops of essential/ fragerance oil of your choice
Blend the two together, well. Warm up the oil before using - make sure to message between your fingers and your cuticals.
.... any questions?