Sunday, December 21, 2008

How my Train of Thought Flows

From Christmas, to Victorian Attire, to Modern Fashion...

As I gaze at the thoroughly decorated Christmas tree that perfectly frames our dining room window, I can't help but think about the Edwardian and Victorian era's.

Perhaps my obsession with the Victorian and Edwardian era is due to the fact that these people perfected over the top Christmas decor. After viewing some pictures of elegant ornament covered trees, I can't help but drool over the incredibly beautiful dresses that the woman of those eras wore on a day-to-day basis.

Movies, like Anne of Green Gables, strengthen my obsessed, infatuated research on the customs, fashion, lifestyle and culture during the late eighteen through early nineteen hundreds.

During that time there was a certain, well-rounded, and perfected sense of femininity. Something, perhaps, our own modern and "trendy" culture has lost.

Many times I have read articles of young woman who deeply desire to re-establish their sense of feminine clothing and life-style. This, though, can occasionally become more of a legalistic babble than passionate desire to re-enhance ones own feminine persona. Many articles on modesty have been written by people who honestly believe one is a whore if the hem-line on their skirt goes above the knee. Bravo! Bravo! I respect these people - they are speaking out at a world where mini-skirts and cleavage is "the new black." But is modesty truly legalism?

One must decide for themselves (if they are Christian, then with consistent prayer) what is modest and what is not.

For example, I own a very respectable, proper business suit with a short skirt. The skirt, when I'm sitting, lays comfortably just above the knee. This, I have been told, is "totally immodest." Is it so? Perhaps for some.

The point is not to become legalistic, mean, or rude to each other about "what is modest and what is not."

Questions like:
How can I dress in such a way that shows I am one to be respected, and not just a sexual object? How can I help my brothers in the Jesus to keep focused on Him? And, how does my attire and how I dress affect the way that people view me in life (which goes back to the first question, which leads to dressing as an ambassador for Christ).

Anyhow, this is basically the way my own thought process functions. Random, global, but thoroughly thought out :)

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Warmth for Winter

* Burnt-orange nail polish
*feather-down, fleece-lined blanket
*Hot "English Breakfast" tea, if a tsp. of whipped honey
*Pictures of tropical islands
*knitted scarf
*An adorable puppy to sit on your lap
*blazing fire
* Basic Message Oil
6 tsp. carrier oil of your choice
8 srops of essential/ fragerance oil of your choice
Blend the two together, well. Warm up the oil before using - make sure to message between your fingers and your cuticals.
.... any questions?